The company designs and produces filling lines and packaging machinery for the Food & Beverage sector.

Investment rationale:
Market consolidation through completion of the product offering, strengthening of the sales network, and evaluation of potential add-ons.

February 2023
Packaging machinery for the Food & Beverage sector
ESG commitment
Sustainable Development Goals

9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Business, Innovation, and Infrastructure implementation by constructing resilient infrastructures and promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization to encourage innovation. We support each Portfolio Company in its production capacity growth through advanced technological systems, highly efficient machinery, new and cutting-edge production plants, and improved control of the use of resources.

12 – Responsible consumption and production
Embrace responsible consumption and production to reduce the per capita pollution produced by cities, particularly regarding air quality and waste management. We support each of our Portfolio Companies through activities that reduce CO2 pollution. We do so by controlling emissions and through systems that improve air quality as well as tree planting.