Pasquini & Bini

Leading Italian company in the production of professional recycled plastic pots for the agriculture and plant nursery sectors.

Investment rationale:
Expansion of the production capacity through a new fully-automated production facility to boost market penetration abroad.

July 2021
Majority stake
ESG commitment
Sustainable Development Goals

8 – Decent work and economic growth
Provide good work opportunities to all, economic growth that is inclusive, sustained, and sustainable, and a rich and productive work experience. Achieving higher productivity requires advanced technology that promotes diversity, as well as innovation, entrepreneurship, and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
In each portfolio company, we aim for a balanced and shared growth approach by introducing systems that support industrial development and research. Through sustainable and improvement-focused solutions, we aspire to offer a work-life balance that can positively enhance the well-being and productivity of all employees.

9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Business, Innovation, and Infrastructure implementation by constructing resilient infrastructures and promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization to encourage innovation. We support each Portfolio Company in its production capacity growth through advanced technological systems, highly efficient machinery, new and cutting-edge production plants, and improved control of the use of resources.