Turatti & Tecnoceam

World-leading producer of integrated lines for processing of raw vegetables and fruit.

Investment rationale:
Acquisition of the main Italian competitor to found the world’s leading group in machinery for the processing of raw vegetables and fruits. Expansion of production capacity through a new greenfield manufacturing plant.

Turatti February 2022,
Tecnoceam April 2022
Minority stake, add on acquisition
Fresh vegetables and fruit processing equipment
ESG commitment
Sustainable Development Goals

9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Business, Innovation, and Infrastructure implementation by constructing resilient infrastructures and promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization to encourage innovation. We support each Portfolio Company in its production capacity growth through advanced technological systems, highly efficient machinery, new and cutting-edge production plants, and improved control of the use of resources.

13 – Climate action
Adopt urgent measures to fight climate change and its impact by regulating emissions and promoting advancements in the renewable energy field. Alongside the entrepreneurs, managers, and employees of our Portfolio Companies, we aim to encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle and work style that respects and helps to improve the surrounding environment.