Entangled Capital SGR was born with a clear and bold mission: invest in Italian family businesses with organic and buy-and-build growth potential.

Selecting promising companies

Our goal is to guide every company from familial or entrepreneurial business control to a new stage of its expansion journey.

We offer privately held SMEs concrete opportunities to sustain their expected growth and sustainability objectives. We meticulously select companies in the industrial, manufacturing, and technological sectors, with preferences in the branches of Mechanics, Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, and Agribusiness.

20M to
60M Euros


3M to
8M Euros


Empowering tools to grow

In our vision, establishing solid and reliable partnerships between Entangled Capital SGR, the shareholders, and the portfolio companies’ managers is essential to achieve a unique strategic and operational advantage.


Accelerating expansion firsthand

We are actively involved in the growth process of our portfolio companies. Through our presence and complete guidance, we give entrepreneurs and management teams the necessary support to optimize the organization’s strategic and operational aspects organically.


Innovating through Management

We bring experienced management figures into the family businesses we acquire, increasing professionalism and organization while keeping the company’s values unchanged. The proven management methodologies introduced by new resources, combined with the entrepreneurs’ deep market and business knowledge, lead to enhancing business performance.


Advancing the Digital & Energy Transformation

We foster a digital-first culture to lead our portfolio companies to the next level. By implementing intelligent technological solutions, we can create new business models, drive processes and workflows to increase operational efficiency even remotely, and renovate customer experiences, transforming the companies into future-proof organizations. We also promote greater energy independence by investing in renewable energy production systems.


Implementing Buy-and-Build strategies

We focus on competitor and complementary business acquisitions to support the rapid expansion and strengthen the operational structure of our portfolio companies. By working alongside the Management of both parties, we define and develop acquisition plans aimed at leveraging synergies, creating value, and concrete growth prospects.


Growing on an international level

We aim to accelerate the revenue growth of our portfolio companies by developing them beyond Italian borders. Through analysis of operational synergies, planning, and execution, we assist them in exploring potential opportunities in Europe and the United States, increasing their current value and attracting future investors.


Sharing knowledge across SMEs

Portfolio companies can benefit from sharing their respective expertise between managers and entrepreneurs. Through open conversation, business, and cultural contaminations, managerial figures can seek insights into the best practices adopted by their counterparts as well as collaborations, enabling their companies to evolve in innovative and profitable ways.


Focusing on sustainability principles

We, along with managers and entrepreneurs, are highly committed to promoting sustainable business and management models. We seek solutions that can reduce the impact on climate and the environment, supporting the professional and human growth of all the resources involved.